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Cowbell's Story

Kansas City Cow Parade

The 2001 Kansas City Cow Parade had more than 200 beautiful bovines created by various artists. They were displayed in areas throughout Kansas City, Missouri and auctioned off in Fall 2001 for the benefit of several local charities.  Cowbell spent her summer at the Anita Gorman Fountains at Vivion Road and North Oak.

Cowbell was not purchased at the auction and was moved to the underground storage with her unpurchased sisters. Gary Worth desperately wanted one of the cows, so he was thrilled when he learned about the location of the orphans.  Gary and his wife Pat went to the storage facility and looked over all the prospects. Erica, their daughter, wanted a pink cow if they had one.  They were on the lookout!  Ending up purchasing three cows since they could not agree on just one.

Cowbell was transported to Pat’s Family’s construction company, Harworth Construction, to be the witness to all conference room meetings.  She oversaw various safety meetings, labor disputes, and contract negotiations. She wore her hard hat and kept watch over Harworth Construction. She was a pioneer cow in the construction industry (the only one).

In early 2004, Cowbell moved from North Kansas City, Missouri to Lexington. She skated into 1010 Main on 2 mechanic creepers one Sunday morning to take up residence in the new bookstore. She has continued to monitor activities, both large and small since that Sunday morning. She has kept confidential the many conversations she has overheard as she stood watch in the front of the bookstore. Attorneys met with each other or clients. Old friends gathered to catch up. Photos were freely taken to preserve the meetings between her and her many fans. 

Her creator was Melissa Dehler, an artist from Kansas.  Melissa chose to honor her mother's successful breast cancer battle with Cowbell's colors. She stopped in Lexington and was surprised to find her creation still being admired.   DeLaval, the dairy equipment manufacturer, sponsored Cowbell’s creation! 

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