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Grand Marceline Cocoa & Coffee Company

Our coffee is purchased from the Grand Marceline Cocoa & Coffee Company, from Marceline, Missouri, the historic boyhood home of Walt Disney.  

Grand Marceline fire roasts in Victorian era coffee roasters where the flame comes in contact with the coffee bean, thus caramelizing its sugars, creating a smokey body with smooth chocolate undertones. Grand Marceline is one of the only companies in the world that specializes in pure fire-roasted coffee.

The fire-roasting process burns out the coffee impurities and acids providing a very smooth and delicious coffee.

The YouTube video showcases how they fire to roast their coffee beans.

Coffee Shop: Welcome
Coffee Beans

Hot and Cold Drinks

Made Fresh To Order

Coffee Shop: List


A coffee drink made with expresso and hot steamed milk.  Similar to the Cappuccino, but milkier.   Flavor shots can be added.


A coffee drink made with espresso and milk that has been frothed with pressurized steam.  Flavor shots can be added.

Brewed Coffee

Coffee is ground fresh daily and brewed from fire roasted coffee beans.


A mocha or macaccino is chocolate flavored beverage with espresso, a variant of a latte.  Flavor shots can be added.  Regular and Sugar Free Chocolate options.

Spiced Chai

A spiced Chai is a traditional Indian tea, made with spices, ginger and milk.  This tea has a bold and toasty flavor.

Hot/Cold Chocolate

Hot/Cold Cocoa is made with melted chocolate and warm steamed milk, or cold iced milk.

Italian Soda

A carbonated Club Soda, with heavy whipping cream and flavor shot.


We carry a variety of traditional, diet and sugar free soda/pop options.


We offer a variety of cold and hot tea options.

Flavor Shots

We offer a variety of traditional and sugar-free flavor shots.  The following list is only a small view of our flavor options...
Vanilla Bean - Regular/Sugar Free
White Chocolate 
Salted Caramel
Burbon Caramel
Red Raspberry - Regular/Sugar Free
Cinnamon Dolce - Sugar Free

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